28 Nov

Hello world!

I want to welcome everyone that decided to explore this website.  It will be one of the best decisions of your life.  This is a step towards understanding a bigger part of yourself and your current reality.  I am under a firm belief that the standard package of understanding we acquired through the public school system is just enough information to be average.  And I want everyone that visits this site to see beyond their current vision of themselves; because, as Woody Harrleson said in Indecent Proposal, “even a brick wants to be something; it aspires; even a common ordinary brick wants to be something more than it already is; it wants to be something better and that is what we must be.” I believe we all secretly aspire to be better than what we already are and that is why I created this site, to help myself and everyone else to reach for that place, to strive, and dig deep to pull yourself just a little bit closer and higher than your were before you stepped into the world of ThoughtsAcknowledged.