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Mar 02 2013

Word of the Day

Confidence Early 15c., from Middle French confidence or directly from Latin confidentia, from confidentem (nominative confidens) “firmly trusting, bold,” present participle of confidere “to have full trust or reliance,” from com-, intensive prefix (see com-), + fidere “to trust” (see faith). Traditional definition: having strong belief or full assurance; sure: confident of fulfillment. Passion From […]

Feb 26 2013

We Are What We Choose

Choose to be amazing.  Choose to be inspiring.  Choose to live a life that has a way of giving back when you are nowhere to be found. Choose to be remembered by as many people as possible. Be understanding in a way that builds upon your knowledge base, because this is the only true property […]

Jan 20 2013


“After great pain, a formal feeling comes. The Nerves sit ceremonious, like tombs.” …an excerpt by Emily Dickinson

Jan 12 2013

What wakes you up every morning?

Is IT still alive within you? It lives within us and is known by all; it still breathes and it will survive; it gets neglected but it will never die; it will always be honest and eager; it just needs to be fed and nurtured and when it is cared for, it will give you […]

Dec 21 2012


We all should have something to Apire to Source: Uploaded by user via Rachel on Pinterest

Dec 02 2012


Hope A small, somewhat insignificant, four letter word.  It’s treated like a little brother, when big bro yells at him to go home, you can’t come with us, your too little, just go!  Is hope for the innocent and naive?  Have most of us bought into the lies of our current reality.  Don’t take this […]