Category: Motivation

Mar 10 2017

Choose to be different. Choose to be you.

To be accepted, to fit into society is fairly easy, most of us do it everyday.  You just have to follow a few specific rules of etiquette and you blend right in. To be hired and paid an average living wage follows the same kind of rules. If you follow a set of instructions and […]

Apr 08 2014

The Importance of Internships!

All young adults, either in their senior year in high school or college need to apply for and get accepted into an internship program. Internships need to be researched before applying to them. Make it fun by finding companies you like and want to work for. Companies use internships to find potential full-time employees and […]

Jan 02 2014

Word of the Day

  Acidosis:  an abnormal condition characterized by reduced alkalinity of the blood and of the body tissues Homeostasis:  a relatively stable state of equilibrium or a tendency toward such a state between the different but interdependent elements or groups of elements of an organism, population, or group Range of Motion:  “RANGE OF MOTION EXERCISE. Range […]

Feb 26 2013

We Are What We Choose

Choose to be amazing.  Choose to be inspiring.  Choose to live a life that has a way of giving back when you are nowhere to be found. Choose to be remembered by as many people as possible. Be understanding in a way that builds upon your knowledge base, because this is the only true property […]

Jan 28 2013

Aspire til Your Heart is Content

“Your Vocation is where Your Passion meets the World’s Greatest Need.” Frederick Bruner   Remember, you are defined by what you do on a daily basis and what you do on your days off, these are the things that will be remembered at your funeral. The things that you say are only remembered in the moment that […]

Jan 12 2013

What wakes you up every morning?

Is IT still alive within you? It lives within us and is known by all; it still breathes and it will survive; it gets neglected but it will never die; it will always be honest and eager; it just needs to be fed and nurtured and when it is cared for, it will give you […]