11 Jan

The Master Cleanse Manual

mastercleanse booklet imageThis manual/pdf is the tried and true original Lemonade Cleanse.  It is packed with the history behind the cleanse, personal testimonies and step by step instructions on how to properly carry out a 3 day or 10 day cleanse.  Please read thoroughly before starting the cleansing process.  It work and I personally felt amazing after around the sixth day and had increase energy.  Enjoy and share with your friends and family.

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01 Jan

Cleanse your system and start anew


Greetings to all on the first day of the new year,

This year is going to be a very tumultuous and chaotic year considering the Euro crisis, the United States fiscal cliff and the only thing we can count on, the gap between the haves and have-nots continuously growing wider and wider.  Fortunately, we have the ability to control what we put into our bodies.  I know a lot of experts preach this but how can the average person buy quality, healthy and trustworthy products, when the grocery stores and supermarkets stock their shelves with man-made and highly processed products that are completely lacking any nutritional value?  What can we do about it?

First we have to agree that we have the choice of shopping and giving our hard earned wages to companies that deserve our business.  Why would you buy poor quality products from companies that rely on their public relations campaigns and marketing departments to overwhelm you with continuous ads on the TV, radio, magazines, and the computer, in order to condition you into liking their products?  These companies have devised ways to create cheap products, that are usually poor quality with catchy marketing slogans just to make a profit, without any concern about what these product will do to the consumer’s health?

Second, we need to also agree we have been putting bad or unhealthy stuff into our bodies for many years and the best thing to do, to start this new year off right,   is to cleanse the body of all these previous years of crud that has clogged our veins, guts, and arteries.  This is just a suggestion that has work for me and many others. You can view many testimonials on the Master Cleanse Website. This just made logical sense to me. It may not be right for you, but please have an open-mind and do a little research before making a judgement.  Please visit The Master Cleanse Website  If this is a new concept, please approach it with an open mind and read it thoroughly and hopefully your perception will change and expand.  It makes logical sense once you have a good understanding about the cleansing process and how your body works.  I did my first cleanse in 2008 and after 10 days, I had lost 15 lbs and felt amazing. This is not a weight loss program; for me, it was a holistic body and mind cleanse. I gain 7lbs back because of the water weight that I lost throughout the 10 days.  My body was functioning more efficiently after those 10 days and felt more energized. This part is hard to explain, but I never felt better.  By the way, I ran two 5k runs during the cleanse and felt strong throughout both runs.  I had more energy than normal.  One of  the most significant things that happened to me was that my tongue, a soft tissue, started to turn bright pink in blotches.  The Master Cleanse manual mentioned that this would happen when the body starts to push the toxins out of the body.  This happened on about the 8th day.  This evidence was proof to me that something right was happening to my body.  I was excited.  So, that is my first experience with the Master Cleanse.  I hope you will give it a chance.

Third, search and find out where the local Farmer’s Markets are held in and around your city.  Start buying fresh and organic fruits and veggies.  Start juicing fresh fruits and veggies.  Learn about how important live enzymes are to your cells in your body.  The only way to get these live enzymes is by eating and drinking fresh fruits and veggies.  Your cells in your body thrive on these enzymes and are desparately deprived of them when we eat processed foods that are canned and packaged with a shelf life, expiration date. Another thing, stop using artificial sweetners.  I will write a post on these toxins next week.

There is more, but I think this is enough to process in one sitting.  Good Luck and Happy New Year.