Who Cares?!  It depends on how you say it that matters.  Right?  What do you care about?  It appears that more and more people are growing up learning how to tune out the larger world around them and this is bleeding over into many other aspects of their life.  Even with the continuous evolution of technology and innovation, which is actually making the world smaller, people are choosing to immerse themselves into a world of their own design.

Have you ever asked yourself, what really matters to me and how that affects everything else? How does what I do affect others around me? Why do you get up in the morning? Is that really a pencil?  Can you describe what you do and what you see in your own words? Or is it just easier to let the majority tell you what you should do and what you should see?  Why…is it so hard for most people to see, what they are actually seeing? Rene Descartes believed that our sense perceptions have a way of deceiving us. “And what about optical illusions such as the pencil that looks bent in a glass of water? Clearly, the senses are untrustworthy as a source of certainty” (T. Z. Levin, 1984).   What have you been perceiving as your reality?

Plato wrote about perception in his Allegory of the Cave.  It’s a story about a society that lives in a cave, chained to each and only allowed to face in one direct, towards a wall. Behind them there was a fire that cast shadows on the wall in front of them. Their perception or reality was these shadows moving around on the wall in front of them day after day.  However, one of these innocent victims of circumstance breaks free and crawls toward the light coming from the entrance of the cave. When this person stood up and looked around he was blinded, temporarily and turned away, just like waking from a dream, his eyes need time to adjust.   The difficulties of looking into the sunlight for the first time was overwhelming.  What was his initial reaction?  Turn toward the cave and quietly return to the safety of the darkness?

It would have been easier and less painful, but slowly his eyes began to adjust to the light and with patience, curiosity, and with a mind that was still craving to understand and comprehend life’s infinite possibilities, he stood there in awe at the  things he started to see. His reality had been expanded to a point of no return.  These new visions were the new truths that needed to be shared with his  family and friends at all costs. The question is, What would you do if you saw new truths, if you saw through the smoke screen that society has thrust upon you?

Are you living a life that is in constant flux, a life that is forever changing and evolving with each new day? Who do you actually believe, what do you want to believe? Does Milk really do a body good?  Are you sure?  Are you prepared and equipped to see what is behind the smokescreen of your currently reality?  Or is life so much easier when you go with the flow?  Is the light too bright for you? Are you ready to look into the eyes of the sun?  What are you going to do with these new truths?

Is the unexamined life worth living?  Are you willing and able to create your own reality with the truths that you have investigated and perceived to be real, as oppose to what society, so-called educators, professionals, and big business have told you is your reality?

Do you Dare to Care or just willing to choose  Not to Care? It is your choice.

Are you afraid to stand up for what you believe in?

Do you have a burning passion for anything in your life?

Has the complexity of the world overwhelmed you and beaten you down?

What do you care about?  What are you willing to fight for?

If you Care to give us your thoughts and bring some hope or even more despair into this cyber-land of  inter-connected-ness that we live in today, it would be much appreciated and way to justify your existence by making your voice known to the world.

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