Wellness for Life. Youngevity‘s nutrition and supplement products will provide the 90 essential nutrients that the human body needs to sustain good health. 90 for life gives your body everything it needs to grow, sustain, heal and function at its optimum potential. Scientifically tested by the best labs in the industry coupled with thousands of documented cases of healing success for over twenty years.

Dr. Joel Wallach’s philosophy is based on the fact that our modern day food supply is deficient in the vital and essential minerals and vitamins that it use to contain, due to many different reasons, such as commercial farming practices and the processing of our boxed and canned foods. Youngevity’s products have improved the health and wellness of thousands of people’s lives around the world. Dr. Wallach has demanded nothing but the highest quality products (plant derived minerals) to be sold under his name. These products are supported by scientific research and have received nothing but the highest quality lab testing results. One of the only nutrition and supplement companies that have been to court and successfully prevailed against the Food Drug Administration (FDA) on multiple occasions.

Youngevity is a multidimensional company that allows its customers to share in its unquestionable success by simply sharing their personal experiences with others, and by showing them the unlimited business opportunity by becoming a Youngevity Independent Marketing Director.  Below are some informative videos that just may change your perspective and have an influential effect on your current situation.

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Below you will find the a link to Youngevity’s product line.  You can simply shop and pay retail prices or become a “Preferred Customer” at no cost and start receiving a 30% discount on all products.  The other option is to sign up as an “Independent Marketing Director”  for a small fee and start receiving the 30% discount along with qualifying for referral bonuses.

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