Did you know canola oil is the acronym for “Canadian oil low-acid?” It is genetically modified, hybrid form of the rapeseed plant. The rapeseed plant is toxic, bugs and insects won’t even eat.

canolaIt is deemed unfit for animal and human consumption. Yet, some genius, thought because this plant can grow in a very cold climate, where other plants can’t, they would waste their time in trying to make the plant safe for human consumption. I hope you ask yourself, why would anyone put a toxic plant into their body just because some group of so-called experts voted that it is safe due to genetic modifications.

  • rapeseed contains 50% erucic acid
  • new man-made rapeseed contains less that 5% (this amount is deem okay for human consumption)
  • originally referred to as “LEAR OIL” for low erucic acid rapeseed (this wasn’t a good brand name so they changed it to Canola)
  • erucic acid attacks the heart and ciruculatory system
  • it reduces total cholesterol and LDL(bad cholesterol), and also decreases the HDL (good) cholesterol
  • it provides no benefit for the cardiovascular system
  • causes blood cells to become rigid and less permeable and makes them unable to pass through tiny capillaries, hence causes high blood pressure
  • the omega-3 content is easily destroyed when heated during cooking, becomes oxidized and turns into free-radicals

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Stop using man-made Canola Oil (aka Rapeseed) and start using naturally occurring and healthy food products, such as coconut oil.  I hope this broadened your current perception on what you may be putting in your body. Healthy body equals health mind.


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