Lesson 1: Understanding the Human Body.

We are living organisms made up of millions of cells that are doing their best to survive, regardless of how much abuse we inflict upon them by our Western eating rituals. The human body has an innate and unique ability to survive and will withstand this abuse for about 51 to 76 years if you are lucky. It is accomplished by an amazing mechanism called Homeostasis.  All these cells are trying to maintain a stable and balanced environment in response to external conditions thrust upon them. The cells function and survive longest when they can maintain a pH balance that is more alkaline than acidic.  Unfortunately, the mere existence of being alive causes the body to produce acidic waste products, such as, breathing oxygen into the lungs and then exhaling carbon dioxide, which causes the body to become acidic if it cannot effectively rid itself of this carbon dioxide.  Another form of acidic production comes from working out in the gym.  After a good, hard workout, it is believed the muscle cells  produce lactic acid, which is a byproduct of anaerobic glycolysis.

When there is a build up lactate or acidity in the body, the homeostasis mechanism becomes stressed, unbalanced and the pH  balance falls into the acidic range. This causes the cells walls to become weakened and are prone to early destruction. Please don’t misconstrue this information. Working out is just one of many activities that increase the acidity within the body. The trick is to reduce this acid environment and restore the alkaline environment.

The fact is, most diseases thrive in acidic environments, such as cancer, tuberculosis, and arthritis to name a few. These diseases typically cannot survive in alkaline and oxygenated environments. A healthy pH level is between 6.8 to 7.4.  So when the body’s entire pH balance is more acidic, diseases have a prime environment to grow and develop.  If the body is in balance, between 6.8 and 7.4,  many diseases simply die off, because the oxygen and the healthy alkaline state keeps the cell walls strong and healthy which doesn’t allow the cell to become overly acidic and prone to disease, which will eventually weaken the cell walls to the point of mutation and finally destruction.  Also, infections and sores take longer to heal when the body is in an acidic state due to the high concentration of acid in the body.

The foods that cause an increase in acidity throughout the body are:

All processed foods (anything Canned, Packaged, and Man-made)




The list goes on.  The lesson that needs to be learned here is Acidic foods need to be limited while we do our best to  increase the foods that cause the body to increase its alkalinity and a healthy pH balance.  Unfortunately, the body takes several month to adjust its pH levels.  It doesn’t happen over night. So, it may take six months to a year to bring a body back to a healthy pH balance.  Start incorporating more and more fresh and organic fruits and vegetables into every meal. A good rule of thumb is to have more fruits and veggies than meats, starches, and dairy per meal. This should help most people regain the body’s healthy alkaline balance its needs to stay healthy, energized and strong. Good luck everyone.


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