Health is much more than we learned about in school and what corporate media campaigns and advertisements have made you believe.  Maintaining good health involves many aspects of your life, such as what you eat,  physical activity, good hygiene,  sleep, and detoxifying your body when it gets sick or becomes unhealthy.

Supermarket food is convenient and sometime all we have to choose from.  However, we need to keep in mind that most “boxed” and “canned” foods are full of calories, but nutrient deficient. This is a vital part of nutrition that our society has conveniently left out of our educational curriculum.  Real food is full of nutrients such as, vitamins, minerals (essential and trace), along with one of the most important parts, enzymes. Our bodies need these components for our hormones and organs to function properly.  If they are missing, like they are in the processed foods in the supermarkets, our bodies begin to break down and show signs and symptoms of common autoimmune diseases.

Our bodies need fresh, if possible, organic, foods that are locally grown and raised. Anything packaged by man and that can sit on store shelves for weeks and months at a time need to be avoided. Please, do yourself a favor, stop spending your hard earned money on these items.  The promotion of these foods have become part of our lives, and this doesn’t make them healthy or their claims truthful.

Corporations are designed to make money at all costs and if lying to us works, then they will do it.  Marketing campaigns are nothing but excitement, and exaggerated and misleading slogans and jingles. And the multi-million dollar advertising companies are creative enough to trick you into believing their ridiculous claims and half truths or even blatant lies. Unfortunately we live in a fast paced, technological, quick fix, want it now society.  That being said, are quick fixes ever a good option?  Can you think of any processed or fast food items that are healthy and  beneficial for our bodies?  Don’t believe the hype, eat what’s ripe.

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