Your body is the only thing you have total control over.  That means you have the final decision on what goes inside of it, how it will look, how you will feel, and ultimately, how long you will live.  Your body is a living organism that needs to be fed living organisms to grow and sustain a healthy and functional life.  Unfortunately, the American diet has been developed by businesses that depend on making profits, not on selling its customers nutritious products.  Business is always looking to lower its fixed and variables costs, which means ever increasing cheaper and cheaper products and prices.  High Fructose Corn Syrup is a consequence of this marketing philosophy.   This is the reason why “high fructose corn syrup” (HFCS) also known as fructose and corn syrup, are in just about every “processed” food product in your local supermarket.

The biggest problem with HFCS is that it is produced from “Genetically Modified Organisms” (GMO) corn seeds that are created in the laboratories of Monsanto, the makers of Agent Orange, DDT, Round Up(weed killer), and owns the subsidiary NutraSweet that is now known as Aspartame. These chemicals are poisons to our body. They don’t promote life; they take it away little by little without us noticing it.  They are slow killers.  The basic human cell does not know what to do with these chemicals and treats them as “foreign” invaders.  The human cell starts to break down and die, especially when the corn seed has been modified with pesticides.  The corn has now becomes, literally, a pesticide that does not need to be sprayed any longer.  Bugs and insects do not eat this corn any longer and if they do, they die.  This is the corn that is used to make High Fructose Corn Syrup, Fructose, and Corn Syrup that is found in most processed foods in our local grocery stores.

The products that contain HFCS, Fructose,and Corn Syrup are “Deficient” in live enzymes and vital nutrients; they are also toxic to our bodies because of the preservatives and other chemicals that are added to it for looks, taste, and shelve life. These products have been in our lives for decades and most of us did not know any better and still don’t know these foods slowly killing us and our children. They are comparable to eating processed cardboard that has been chemically colored, flavored, and marketed as a product that “Does a Body Good.”

However, it we feed our bodies fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, eggs, and grass fed beef, it thrives and grows and is able to fight-off infections, viruses, bacterias, and other diseases, such as heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. These types of foods are full of vitamins and nutrients that our bodies recognize and use to grow and sustain the strength of our bones, muscles, skin, eye sight, and brain function.

Our bodies are amazing, and we only have one.  We need to start treating it like we care about it because if we don’t no one else will.  Remember this saying, “If the Big Companies aren’t Telling it, They are not selling it”, this may help you reconsider not buying some of the processed foods that you are slowing killing you. Also remember big food companies are not in the business of providing its customers with health foods, they are in it to make as much profits as they can.  This means using the cheapest food products, chemicals and preservatives as possible to increase their profits margins. Please, don’t be misled by their fancy and seductive marketing campaigns. You have the ability to control what you buy and put into your body.  Don’t give your hard earned money to companies that exist merely to make profit at all costs, including your health. Don’t let prescription drugs be your only hope. Treat your body well and it will take care of you.



My intention is to give useful and fundamental nutrition, bodybuilding, and fitness advice that is easy to implement and remember. I know you can do it yourself with a little commitment to improving your current situation and achieving your goals.  I hope my knowledge and workout routines are beneficial.  But most importantly, I will try to give you the mindset needed to be committed to and consistent with taking care of your body and providing useful and functional information to help you become healthy, mentally and physically.

Things to commit to memory

After the Holidays Workout Routine

This is a beginner’s routine with an experienced mind-set and foundation.  This is how you build a solid and strong physical foundation. Once this is established, you can start to focus on getting in the physical shape you desire, but first things first.  Patience is a necessity when getting in shape, especially when starting out. Most exercise books and websites assume a lot of things about the reader and usually discourage most people before they even feel or see any improvement in their appearance.           Full Article PDF version

Back and Shoulder Workout 

This is a basic back and shoulder routine that can be used and expanded upon as you advance.  However, at my age of 44, I use this twice a week to maintain my physical appearance and conditioning.  I would encourage most people not to lift too heavy weight.  It is completely unnecessary, especially for your joints.   Downloadable PDF 

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