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We all have lots of questions and concerns, yet only talk about them with close friends.  Most people don’t  know where to begin looking for credible sources or who to trust when looking for answers.  We have become a nation of suspicious individuals.  We need to arm ourselves with the tools that will help us know what is reliable and what should be ignored.  We need to have a strong purpose for waking up in the morning and share it with others, our family, friends, neighbors, and our community. Your purpose will give you and slowly build your confidence. The next step is to talk about these things that matter to you.  What motivates you; what angers you; what would you like to do to make things better? How would you change things in your life and in your community? This blog is designed to be an open forum to Ask, Find, Suggest, Give, Inform, Unite, Encourage, and Provide Useful Information to everyone willing to listen.  Here are some ideas and subjects to help guide your comments: Hope, Desire, Consciousness, Education, History, Health, Fitness, Inspiration, and Fun.  Please use multimedia, pictures, videos, and music to support your thoughts.

First step in understanding is getting informed and being aware of who you are, what YOU believe in, and what is happening around you. This might be a big first step for most of us; however, I know lots of people want change and this can only happen when other people believe in what you believe. The website that I am listing is provided by the United States Government and is a step by step way to start a Petition for Change any kind of Change.

Click here:  Create a Petition

See examples of current petitions :  Petitions


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