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It dawned on me today that being an expert in a particular field is a wonderful accomplishment and being a jack of all trades has its benefits too.  Yet,  if  these two types of individuals come together and share their knowledge among themselves, with open minds, they will start to see how beneficial and much more powerful their knowledge can become when viewed from different perspectives or a more holistic mindset.  An example of this type of ground breaking moment would involve a doctor that realized that prescription medicine, at best, is a temporary solution to a patient’s ailment and that there are possibly other approaches and natural prescriptions that may cure or relieve a patient’s physical disease.  This could possibly have a significant affect on the quality of life and lifespan of all people, if doctors started thinking outside of their med school box.

We all know humans are fallible and technology, concepts, and approaches to all problems have and always will constantly evolve, and hopefully, for the betterment of humankind. However, most doctors seem to live in a box of beliefs filled with medical school concepts and their teacher’s philosophies about how to treat patients and no other methods or approaches to patient care matters. Hence, this is where the potential problems lie.  According to Socrates, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”  What makes matters worse, most doctors don’t even want to discuss possible alternative treatments, especially ones that involve natural medicine, such as food, a pure and relatively inexpensive way to treat a disease.  It has been said that when looking for an answer to a problem, one must look closely at the problem to understand the what is needed for the cure.  A better way to say this is, “the cure lies within the problem.”  And if a doctor is not open to discussion about alternative methods to serving and helping their patients, the medical industry and patients are only going to receive mediocre care at best.  “There is no greater evil one can suffer than to hate reasonable discourse,” (Plato).

We, as individuals, need to become more aware of the things around us, all subject matters, not just they one we are comfortable with. We need to wonder about the amazing things in nature.  “Wisdom begins in wonder.”  We need to ask questions, even if we can’t find the answer in the moment.  This will bring the issue or problem to light.  It will breath life into the concerns of the people and our society; it will spark more and more discussions, until the question is posed to the unique individual that needs to hear it, who will then make the discovery.  But if we, as a people, stop wondering, because we have been taught, questions like, why is the sky blue, is only questions asked by children, we have decided to stop being human and have become animals.  Let’s choose to be as human as possible and start asking questions again, even if they sound stupid or childish. Pose the question out loud to friends, family, co-worker and see what happens.

Useful Information

We all have lots of questions and concerns, yet only talk about them with close friends.  Most people don’t  know where to begin looking for credible sources or who to trust when looking for answers.  We have become a nation of suspicious individuals.  We need to arm ourselves with the tools that will help us know what is reliable and what should be ignored.  We need to have a strong purpose for waking up in the morning and share it with others, our family, friends, neighbors, and our community. Your purpose will give you and slowly build your confidence. The next step is to talk about these things that matter to you.  What motivates you; what angers you; what would you like to do to make things better? How would you change things in your life and in your community? This blog is designed to be an open forum to Ask, Find, Suggest, Give, Inform, Unite, Encourage, and Provide Useful Information to everyone willing to listen.  Here are some ideas and subjects to help guide your comments: Hope, Desire, Consciousness, Education, History, Health, Fitness, Inspiration, and Fun.  Please use multimedia, pictures, videos, and music to support your thoughts.

First step in understanding is getting informed and being aware of who you are, what YOU believe in, and what is happening around you. This might be a big first step for most of us; however, I know lots of people want change and this can only happen when other people believe in what you believe. The website that I am listing is provided by the United States Government and is a step by step way to start a Petition for Change any kind of Change.

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