Month: January 2013

Jan 28 2013

Aspire til Your Heart is Content

“Your Vocation is where Your Passion meets the World’s Greatest Need.” Frederick Bruner   Remember, you are defined by what you do on a daily basis and what you do on your days off, these are the things that will be remembered at your funeral. The things that you say are only remembered in the moment that […]

Jan 28 2013

Holistic Living

Holistic living is a systemic approach that incorporates every aspect about ourselves, our environment, and even things you have never thought about. There are even more areas about our life that we have been conveniently not taught and are completely unaware of.  When life is approached with an open-mind and understood from this perspective, we […]

Jan 22 2013

Nutrition Knowledge

For all you workout enthusiasts that are concerned about your health or better yet, should be concerned, individuals, there is a plant-based/vegan protein supplement. Yes, there is protein in plants. Where do cows and elephants get their protein to grow big and strong? And it remarkably has more protein per single serving than Whey protein. […]

Jan 20 2013

An Everyday Workout Routine

This is a beginner’s routine with an experienced mind-set and foundation. This is how you build a solid and strong physical foundation. Once this is established, you can start to focus on getting the physical shape you desire, but first things first. Patience is a necessity when getting in shape, especially when starting out. Most […]

Jan 20 2013


“After great pain, a formal feeling comes. The Nerves sit ceremonious, like tombs.” …an excerpt by Emily Dickinson

Jan 12 2013

What wakes you up every morning?

Is IT still alive within you? It lives within us and is known by all; it still breathes and it will survive; it gets neglected but it will never die; it will always be honest and eager; it just needs to be fed and nurtured and when it is cared for, it will give you […]